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Farmer Gracy

Canna 'Reine Charlotte'

Canna 'Reine Charlotte'

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Canna 'Reine Charlotte', sometimes known as Queen Charlotte, will certainly provide a bright patch in your summer garden. Her flowers are a mixture of yellow and a very bright red, which appears on the yellow petals as broad brush strokes emerging from the centre of the flower. Many of these blooms can appear, and open, at the same time, with the resulting spire of flowers appearing truly sensational. However, when some of Canna 'Reine Charlotte's buds remain closed, the cluster of tight buds twisted with red and yellow add a touch of extra glamour like a fancy headdress to the flowers that are already open.

Gracy tells: Look at the leaves!
"Canna leaves are bold and famous for their tropical look. Most Canna Lily cultivars (like Canna 'Reine Charlotte') have rich emerald-green leaves, but some have red to bronze leaves!"

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